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Clothing as memory cues

I recently said goodbye to a few dear friends.

They weren’t people. They weren’t even animate objects. They were a pair of gardening gloves and a rain jacket. Continue reading


Rainier 2012 – Day 3 – Leaving the mountain

July 23

I wake up sometime after 7am. Eric is still sleeping. My sleeping situation was again not warm enough to be comfortable but I’m not totally miserable.  I just climbed Mount Rainier!

I immediately think of Jesse.  He was likely much colder last night. Having not brought a sleeping bag in the interest of a light pack, he was going to bivouac overnight with Eric’s bivy bag while laying on top of my and his own backpack. Continue reading

Rising above Disappointment (Mount Rainier 2012) – Prep and Day 1

Stripped down to the basics, it’s really a simple task. Right?

One goal: put one foot in front of the other and go up. When you get to the top, stop, turn around and walk down.

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Urban wilderness

I met a friend downtown for coffee this morning. I pedaled in from home and counted it as my training workout for the day. It’s pretty straightforward and bike-friendly.

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Ruth Mountain: Sucker holes and blue bags

This weekend, Eric and I did a one night training climb. Ideally we would’ve had Jesse and our supposed 4th member.  Jesse is on the job hunt and therefore has a great reason to not join us and he doesn’t need the practice anyways! The latter person has become a flake and doesn’t return emails, calls or texts.

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When my mind wanders to the climb and of the things I fear about, I think of sucking some serious wind and my legs aching and potentially my whole body in pain. I worry about the crampons tearing up my gaiters and pants like they do all the time.  I worry about tripping over my crampons on the way down and falling. I worry about weather becoming an issue like it did last year. I worry about dehydration and prolonged sun exposure.

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Good day

I had the most amazing bike ride in the city this morning.

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