The name’s Ken and I live in Amherst, Massachusetts.

The title of the blog is in deference to a large “television tower” located in the old East Berlin. Also known as the “Death Star on a Spike” or “Pope’s revenge”. I’ve had a lunch in the rotating restaurant. I love that town.

I started this for purely academic reasons in 2006 but have (sort of) continued it for purely selfish reasons since. Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “About

  1. I knew it was you when google brought up your name with “fernsehturm” YEA!

    you’re married!
    you have kid!
    I’m thrilled. I’m going to go do a four-hour happy dance (dangerous only because some of that time will be on the Thruway). Thank god I don’t drive stick. I am so thrilled for you and K — and H! yea!

  2. WTF, Mate? It’s been a year since your last post. Inquiring minds like mine want to know what’s up?

  3. Clark Stearns

    I was trying to locate your father and found this. My grandfather’s sister was Elizabeth Kinsey LeBlond’s mother , Greta Stearns Kinsey . I am Adele Wasson’s first cousin. I know you know her son Peter. We may have met , maybe at Adele’s house ? My wife and I knew your mother ,Julie and liked her a lot . I was also a USMC Lt. I got out several years I believe before your father . There was an article about Khe San in our local paper which I want to send him. I found his Kennel and address but no email address. Please send it to me . When your grandparents were leaving the house on Reilly Rd. They gave me some books. Your grandfather a short time later said there was one book he meant to keep. I gave him back a copyright edition of Robert Service’s ” Tales of the Yukon” . Some time later I got in the mail another copy that I think he bought for me. I very much enjoyed reading your narrated film .

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