Sleeping with the fishes

IMG_5446.JPG(If you think the title is about The Godfather then you’d best change course and find something else to browse!)

Last weekend I joined my daughter, her girl scout troop, and 10 other troops from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut for a sleepover at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut. There were approximately 100 girls and about 50 parents (4 of whom were dads).

Along with the aquarium staff we had the place to ourselves after they closed on Saturday until just before they reopened on Sunday morning.

Saturday night was a series of group activities including…

Squid dissection


Hattie sizing up the dissection

Touch tanks including horseshoe crab, spider crab, welch, and a lobster. Many of the girls got over their squeamishness including my daughter and I was quite proud of her!

Hattie holding an upside down horseshoe crab

We also did a couple of scavenger hunts for information on exhibits including piranhas, frogs, seahorses and jellyfish.

By the time these activities were over, it was 10:30pm and it was time for bed. The main group slept in an area bordered by several fish tanks including the shark tank and one with sting rays and a turtle.

This being a Girl Scouts event the dads were asked to sleep separate from the group. This was a mixed blessing. It was annoying to be classified as a type of parent that need to be separate from their kid(s) but we also had our own quiet area of the aquarium to sleep.

My pillow and sleeping bag are on the lower left. I had an tank of swimming, beautiful fish to put me to sleep.

After a very short night, we packed up sleeping gear and enjoyed the aquarium for the day.

I would do this again! I hear that the Boston Museum of Science has a similar program for overnights. I may have to let Kursten in on this one.


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