“Finding religion” on the bookshelves

I was not brought up in a religious household. Both of my parents were raised in Presbyterian homes but Mom and Dad decided to not raise their kids (me and my older sister) n this way, opting to let us choose our paths when we were old enough to make that choice for ourselves. I’ve chosen to not take a religious path though I was curious in my 20s to attend Quaker and Unitarian Universalist meetings, both considered progressive and non Christo-centric.

In the back of my mind, I knew my curiosity about religion would get to me and I would pick up a bible or some interpretive text that help me understand the stories and teachings of the bible since in my experience as an American I have been nearly constantly surrounded by Christian references in culture.

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Syria, the age of Trump and children

A co-worker of mine, Mike Hannahan, recently launched a blog called “Living in the Era of Trump” which has become a great source of information for me about the world since Donald Trump became president.

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Sleeping with the fishes

IMG_5446.JPG(If you think the title is about The Godfather then you’d best change course and find something else to browse!)

Last weekend I joined my daughter, her girl scout troop, and 10 other troops from Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut for a sleepover at the Mystic Aquarium in Mystic, Connecticut. There were approximately 100 girls and about 50 parents (4 of whom were dads).

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No joke

Today is April Fool’s day. A day of pranks and jokes.

However this is real this morning.

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The Twitterverse takes a hit

About 20 years ago I was lucky enough to know someone who worked for British Airways. Through this friendship she extended to me an offer for a cheap ticket to fly from the US to Europe. It would cost me only $300 round trip to fly into Paris, stay for two months and fly out of Frankfurt, Germany.

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15 Days In Pakistan = weeks and weeks of reflection

In January of this year, I traveled to Karachi and Lahore as part of a work trip that was focused on fostering an entrepreneurial culture through academics and business sector connections.

Wait, what? Why Pakistan and why was I there for sake of entrepreneurs?

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Hampshire Gazette column: Parenting and Dog Ownership

I wrote a column a few months back about being a parent and how that has made me be “between dogs”. I tucked that one away on my laptop and kind of forgot about it.

But, I dusted it off last month and submitted for publication. That column was published today in the Hampshire Gazette!

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They are interested in publishing something from me again for the March “Families” section. I don’t have a column in the works but it usually only takes me a few moments to get inspired. So much to reflect on as a parent.

I hope you enjoy today’s column!